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Tsurumi submersible Pumps are manufactured in Japan in compliance with ISO 9001. They are manufactured in a totally computerized plant with a production capacity of 1 million units per year.

The incredible variety of Tsurumi models covers practically every application:

  • de-watering in construction sites
  • deep wells or mining installations
  • abrasive and corrosive applications like in the chemical industry
  • pumping slurries or sea water.

The range of flows and hydraulic heads is the largest available in the market place. The quality, materials, and components design is superior to any other equipment produced by competitors, and due to mass production the prices are very affordable.

Tsurumi distribution strategy is: low prices and availability. A large inventory of stocks unable us to respond immediately to the customer needs.

Please find below some of the unique characteristics of the Tsurumi Pumps and of some of the models offered to the Latin American market.

Several of these models have the option of the Sand Kit with high chrome iron impellers and agitators, special strainers, and derated motors upgrading standard water pumps into medium duty slurry pumps.

Almost all Tsurumi models can run dry.

Our goal is to provide service and technical advice.

Give us your application characteristics and we will select the ideal equipment, with our recommendations. We will deliver to you a quotation with performance curves, technical specifications and dimensional drawings.

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